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How these small businesses gained success through Facebook Ads
15 November 2019

How these small businesses gained success through Facebook Ads

There are many brands who have incorporated Facebook ads into their marketing arsenal and derived amazing results from it. Here are some of the Brands who have nailed Facebook advertising.


Goal: Showcasing a collaboration

Hawkers wanted to test whether the collection ad format, which displays catalog items under a main video or image, performed better than photo ads on Facebook.

Solution: In March–April 2017, Hawkers ran a Facebook ad campaign promoting its new glasses made in collaboration with El Ganso. To test whether the collection format was more powerful than the photo ads it had run in the past, it divided its audience in two and showed a collection ad to one and photo ads to the other group.

Result: Hawker’s test of the collection ad format made massive improvements to its campaign results, and the brand is now investing 33% of its Facebook ad spend into the collection format. Hawkers achieved:

  • 51% higher return on ad spend
  • 30% lower cost per purchase
  • 86% higher engagement (interaction with ads)



Goal: Engage the next generation

To reach a whole new generation of travelers, Taglit-Birthright wanted to run a campaign that used Facebook’s targeting and ad options to take people from consideration to conversion.

Solution: Taglit-Birthright created a highly targeted Facebook campaign. Consisting of video ads and Canvas ad units, the campaign initially focused on awareness, with video ads showing footage from previous trips and examples of the types of adventures and education people experienced.

Result:  This strategic campaign, combined with the aspirational and relatable creative, proved a success for Taglit-Birthright, with strong results:

  • A 22-point increase in ad recall
  • A 7-point increase in brand awareness
  • A 9-point increase in intent to book a trip
  • 6 million video views


Goal: Reaching more diners

KFC wanted to increase sales by encouraging people to visit its brick-and-mortar restaurant locations.


To make its ads more effective and encourage more people to visit its restaurants, KFC ran ads that used the Facebook store visits ad objective. With the store visits ad objective, KFC could target customers in areas near its restaurant locations.


KFC reached 27 million people, January 1–August 30, 2017, with its store visits ad objective campaign. The campaign revealed strong results, including:

  • 4 million store visits
  • US$0.49 per store visit, on average
  • 27 million people reached

Absolut Vodka Spain:

Goal: Attracting young audiences

Pernod Ricard’s campaign for Absolut sought to reinforce the association between Sonar and Absolut, as well as increase awareness and favorability of the vodka brand. The company specifically wanted to reach younger audiences on Facebook and Instagram.

Solution: Pernod Ricard ran video ads on Facebook along with link ads and photo ads, both with single images and in the carousel format. The beverage brand created its videos in a square format, which fill the mobile screen more completely, with the Absolut brand front and center throughout.

Result: Running from May 8–June 24, 2017, the campaign delivered:

  • A 17-point lift in ad recall
  • A 4-point lift in the association of Absolut with the Sonar festival in Barcelona
  • A 9-point lift in the association of Absolut with the Sonar festival among 18- to 24-year-olds
  • A 5-point lift in favorability towards Absolut


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